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picture adorned with rainbow colours of its location in the heart of Kolkata, grandeur, sanctity, the rituals performed with divinity, the sea-blue scenic beauty and thousands of pilgrims visiting this Puja. We feel that our Puja never ends with immersion every year as it retains in the beaming eyes and faces of pilgrims. Our Puja is nothing but a humble attempt to devote ourselves to the task of worshiping the Mother. The location and tradition of College Square Durga Puja has given us an added glory. That glory has taught us not to run for any competition with any one because we believe at heart that divinity is not a subject to race upon. College Square Durga Puja has not been built suddenly overnight. It has been built on the pillars of devotion and dedication. Beside the Puja it has remained one of our prior agenda to engage ourselves with some social welfare activities throughout the year. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their true dedication. Years have gone by. On the way we have lost some our colleagues. Some have gone far. But wherever they are I believe that their hearts and their fullest co-operation remain always with us. majader. Bikash Majumdar Chief Organizer